two thousand twenty
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Many may wonder why Marie even considered running for the mayoral position in Macedon Village. Being an active member of the Macedon Village Pride Committee and past experiences of serving on other boards has taught Marie a very important lesson. There is nothing more rewarding then giving back to the community. Her mission might be said to be in supporting community projects, events and collaborating with other community based organizations on their projects, but it is more than that. Marie believes the Village of Macedon has so much potential. This potential can only be realized if all the resources of the community are utilized. Community knowledge and usage of canal system at Lock 30 is vital. She promotes pride in our Village and reminds the community of the importance of shopping locally where so much of every dollar spent returns to the village. She will encourage community participation in events and projects because the community belongs to each of us. It is her goal to increase communication among village residents and to seek ways to improve our infrastructure. She feels strongly that ways to increase village revenue are imperative. There can be no improvement without a responsible and feasible financial policy.


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