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SUBMITTED by Diane Ellis

Nine Pines Country Store is having another “Storewide Savings Event of the Year”. It all starts on Friday, March 16th and won’t stop until Saturday, April 7th at days end…three whole weeks! ( Nine Pines will be closed on Easter Sunday, April 8th)


(except furniture items)

(Friday, March 16th – Saturday, April 7th)


**Regular Store Hours**

Merchandise Special Ordered, on “hold” or Layaways are not included in the sale.

***The NEW - Connections, The Country Register, Back Road Journey and Sunday “Antique” Driver publications can all be obtained here at Nine Pines. Don’t forget to pick one of each up before you leave the store because these can lead you to some great destinations and shopping experiences.


We have been busy stocking the store to maximum capacity (!!) and we want you to know just how much we have brought into the store. Here is the “short list” of just some of the items:
  • Rug Hooked pillows – fantastic primitive (earthy) colors and really good hooking skills. The patterns are primitive hearts, sheep, stars, rooster and horses. The prices are very good too !!
  • Signs, signs and more signs ….. some of the funniest ones yet! Such as: “Don’t rush me, I am waiting for the last minute”, or “I wish that I was as thin as I was when I thought I was fat”, or “Mrs. Always Right” or “Be kind, No exceptions” – just to list a few.
  • Barbara Stein – new this year - rabbits, chicks , carrots and bags filled with eggs for Spring. Also many other wonderful pieces of folk art such as Barb’s “famous” jungle animals, black crows, pin cushions, birds, sewing baskets, etc.
  • Eucalyptus, Pussy Willows, Calla Lily, purple, yellow, white, pink, blue wispy sprays, lots of Spring green stems and candle rings, etc. Spring is definitely here at Nine Pines.
  • From another sign maker we received Bed Chamber, Gathering Room, Bath, Mud Room, Tinkletorium J - way too many to list.
  • Cast Iron Pigs, primitive chicks, turquoise painted wood Whales as shelf sitters and ornaments (“have a Whale of a Good Time ….. at Nine Pines”). Come see our warm weather “whale tree” – it will definitely make you smile. We also have “Don’t Bug Me” ornaments, lady bug and bee ornaments and a Spring tree with flowers, watering cans and great signs.
  • Spring florals are arriving and almost selling as fast as I can bring them into the store. We have also received some great containers for floral arrangements in your home or for outside use as well. The Calla Lily will blow you away. It is more real than the real ones. We also have eucalyptus, boxwood and lavender and more to come.
  • Our “country porch” is once again filling up with beautiful wood crafted items by Debbie. We have hanging rabbits, sitting rabbits (both in large and smaller sizes, Spring wreaths and CATS !!
  • The best “real-looking” artificial fruits …. you could put the real piece of fruit next to the artificial piece and you would be hard pressed to see the difference. We have pineapples, concord grapes, pears (green, brown and red) apples (green and red), oranges, bananas, osage oranges or hedge apples, artichokes, plums, strawberries, pomegranates, lemons and limes – just to name a few.
  • Old fashion replica white enamelware – hanging soap dish, paired with small hanging cup, lidded mugs, wall bucket and small child-size mugs.
  • New “color” homespun fabric – Pumpkin Spice and Black.
  • Once again we have Oven Mitts – one color only – Red/Tan House Check. I use oven mitts all the time rather than a potholder in the kitchen. I only use potholders as a trivet on the table. They don’t feel as “safe” as the mitt that goes all the way up to my elbows.
  • A few new scents of our favorite Black Crow candles – Dough Bowl, Herb Cottage and Lilac.
  • Antique replica chalk boards, table risers, shaker shelf sconce, letter boxes, teacup candle stick holders, keepsake shelf with little cubby drawers, colonial mugs, kitchen cubby and a spice cupboard.
  • Heirloom Seed Bags for flowers or berries and “flag” Banners dyed dark primitive brown and stenciled. For example, “Good Tidings”, “Welcome – Family and Friends”.
  • Wool flowers (daffodils, mustard tulips, red tulips, sunflowers), wool handled baskets, wool eggs, wool “vase shaped” cones, and flower sack bags.
  • Beautifully made Harriet and Albert (standing rabbits), Violet (handing rabbit) and “Hopper” a primitive cloth rabbit ornament. One of my favorites, “Gus” the mouse can sit anywhere all year long. He can be a Christmas mouse, a garden mouse and a harvest mouse.
AND THE LIST GOES ON AND ON …… new merchandise arrives almost every day.


This recipe is from a long time friend – Beverly!


3 Cups raw, peeled potatoes cut into bite sized pieces
1 Onion (the size of your fist) cut up
1 Cup Broccoli
? Bacon – cooked and cut into one inch pieces (as much as you want)
6 to 8 Eggs, beaten
? Shredded Cheddar Cheese


Using half butter and half oil, cook potatoes and onions until tender. While this is cooking, steam broccoli until el dente. When potato/onion mixture is done, add broccoli and pre-cooked bacon to pan. Mix well, lower heat and add eggs, stir gently until everything is coated and eggs are done. Turn off heat, sprinkle shredded cheese over mixture and cover. By the time everyone gets to the table, the cheese will be melted and breakfast is ready!
I want to thank Beverly for sharing this recipe with all of you. She came to my rescue because I am in “big-time” need of recipes for future newsletters. This recipe is one of the best! Please go through your personal recipes and e-mail me a couple of them to share as well.


Nine Pines Country Store, established 1996, is located at 7091 Jackson Hill Road, Newark, New York 14513. Nine Pines is open year round. The store's hours are Wednesday – Saturday, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. and Sunday Noon – 5 p.m. Nine Pines is close on Monday and Tuesday. For more information, call (315) 331-0505 or send an email to NinePines@rochester.rr.com.


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