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SUBMITTED by Kyle Miller (21-Mar-2012)

Senate Adopts Senator Nozzolio Legislation Protecting Law Enforcement Officers and First Responders from Harassment

New York State Senator Mike Nozzolio has announced that the State Senate has adopted legislation he is sponsoring (S.464) to provide new protections for police, paramedics and other law enforcement and first response personnel who keep our communities safe.
“Police officers, peace officers, court officers, EMTs and paramedics provide critical, often lifesaving services for our citizens every day and they deserve every possible protection we can offer them,” said Senator Nozzolio, who serves as the Chairman of the Senate Crime Victims, Crime and Correction Committee. “We must have zero tolerance for actions that threaten, harass or create situations that can injure these brave individuals as they protect and serve our communities.”
Senator Nozzolio’s legislation would establish the crime of aggravated harassment of police officers, peace officers, court officers, emergency medical technicians or paramedics, a Class E felony. This measure builds on legislation that Senator Nozzolio previously sponsored and enacted into law making it a felony for prison inmates to assault Correction Officers and other corrections personnel with bodily fluids. S.464 expands on this legislation to apply the same protections for police, peace officers, court
officers, EMTs and paramedics.
“We are a State and Nation of laws and we must make it clear that individuals who intimidate or interfere with officers performing their lawful duties will pay a price for their actions,” said Senator Nozzolio. “The brave men and women who patrol the streets of our communities deserve our support and respect. I hope the State Assembly will join my Senate colleagues and I in enacting this important measure.”


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