two thousand twenty
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There was no Newark Plaza in 1952. Wegmans was still a small Rochester operation, and it would be several years before President Lyndon Johnson's "Great Society" would invent a program named Urban Renewal.
Newark's second block of South Main Street would escape the fate of the rest of downtown, and is all that is left of what we remember as children.
From left to right, visible in this photo : A.G. Schulz Furniture (now Market Alternatives), Montgomery Ward Department Store (three floors of clothing, furniture, auto supplies) now Aarons Appl., Wards Dress Shop, Home Dairy Cafeteria, Hart's Food Store, Hayden's Jewelry Store, Schine's Capitol Theater, Baltzel Candy & Soda, West Miller St., and the Masonic Building. (first block-torn down)
Observations- The newest auto in the photo is a 1952 Ford and playing at the Capitol was "Paula", starring Loretta Young. Also, not one of the autos has white wall tires. The availability of white sidewall tires was curtailed during both WWII and the Korean War. Several of the cars have "spats", white metal rings covering the wheels and held on by the hubcaps.
Coming soon at the Newark Arcadia Museum- a new exhibit featuring old downtown buildings from Newark's history.


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