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Pictured Left to Right:  WC Chairman, Board of Supervisors, Jim Hoffman,
Town of Lyons Supervisor, Brian Manktelow, President & CEO, H.P. Neun,
Stephen Bregande and Lyons Chief of Police, Richard Bogan
Lyons is excited to welcome H.P. Neun as its newest community member!  H.P. Neun, located on Dunn Road in the Village of Lyons has just opened its doors to the public for a tour of their new facility this past Wednesday.  

Members from various civic and municipal organizations were present to see first hand the vast improvements made to what most of us remember as the Parker building.  

President and CEO, Stephen Bregande, introduced H.P. Neun's business concept. With its distribution center in Seneca Falls and its home facility in Fairport, moving to Lyons was all about location.  "This facility is well positioned with the thruway and the available space with the ability to grow", said Bregande.

H.P. Neun, Vice President, Bruce Chilton describes
the company's design room.
As a leader in custom packaging, H.P. Neun boasts an impressive layout of design and technology.  With specialty application of two different types of foam products and corrugated packaging, they have the ability to design, produce and assemble packaging of various sizes determined for a specific customer need.  And their impressive new fleet of tractor trailers will ensure on time delivery to their customers.

In rehabbing the building, extra measures were taken that make H.P. Neun impressive as an employer and a neighbor in the community.  Everything in the facility is environmentally friendly and for the scrap to be recycled, they have installed an indoor system to bail the scrap to avoid being a noisy neighbor.

Currently, they are operating on a single shift with future plans of adding a second and third shift.  This operation also employs approximately 100 employees, of which almost a quarter of them are from the Lyons area. 

With an aggressive sales division, excellent customer service and strong management, H.P. Neun is well on its way to being the best in the business at what they do.  

For more information on this company, please visit their website at www.hpneun.com.


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5 Comments to "H.P. Neun Opens Its Doors to the Community"

  1. Gil Burgess Said,

    Congratulations to those who brought this business to Wayne County!

    Posted on Sat May 19, 08:00:00 AM EDT

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