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Submitted by:  Robert Stopper, Lyons

Ken Gould displaying the Australian Flag
“Looper” Ken Gould from Mooloolaba, the tourist resort on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia, enjoyed his peaceful and quiet rest in Lyons on Thursday evening. Ken is travelling in a 24 foot Four Winds boat, aptly named “Aweigh Two Farr.” Ken owned his own sailboat at the age of eight! “Aweigh Two Farr” is his first motorized craft!

This is Ken’s third year at attempting to navigate the Circular East Coast Waterway, more
commonly known as “The Great Loop.”  In the first year of his voyage, Ken came to Florida, checked out the sights, bought an “affordable” boat, and then boated from Fort Lauderdale to Portsmouth, Virginia. In his second year, Ken boated from Portsmouth to the top of the Hudson and visited Waterford. He left
Waterford on June 1, 2012 and is now passing through Wayne County on the Erie Canal.

According to Ken, “Some days I travel only a few hours– I take side trips. I visit communities– I even visited DC! I find the structure and operation of the canal locks just absolutely fascinating. The waterway itself is a hidden jewel. People everywhere are just so friendly and fascinating”!

Ken hopes to reach Mobile, Alabama by November and then winterize his boat. Ken is not leaving the water by choice. According to Ken, “With all the Home Land Security Rules, I can only stay here in America six months at a time, but I will be back next year to complete my Great Loop Journey”!


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