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SUBMITTED by Nancy Kasper (12-Jun-2012)

Letter to the Editor

Last week's public informational meeting on the proposed re-opening under private ownership of the old Arcadia municipal dump site was a study in old beliefs that money will fix any problem. Albert Einstein once said that problems can't be solved at the same level of thinking that created them, yet that’s exactly what this proposal offered, despite any claim of outside-the-box thinking.

Humans have been operating under conditioned behaviors that once served us, but no longer do in this stage of our evolution. With 7 million people demanding resources from our host planet, the question now is how do we sustain life? Not just ours, but all life? From the scientific and spiritual perspective humans are one species, one organism, one global community. What now occurs across the world is felt by people everywhere. We can no longer act separately from the whole of humanity or nature. Each oil spill, meltdown, war or extinction reflects our presence, our actions, our creations and miscreations. We see what we are doing to the planet and ourselves. What diminishes or elevates one, affects all.

The problems we face today aren't much different than those we faced as a more primitive culture, but now we’re living out of balance with natural systems of sustainable regeneration and we're trying to fix that with old thinking. If humans are so evolved, why is it we haven't resolved the most basic issue of living to sustain life? Could it be we had to arrive at this critical mass point where we are facing the collapse our planetary life-support system to acknowledge the importance of unity? To see how the collective actions of people acting out of unison affects the harmony and balance of all? There absolutely is a better way but we must surrender out-moded thinking and clear the space for heart-inspired innovations to arise that will truly benefit all.

Creating another dump in the already over-burdened central NY landscape would not only not solve any problems, but waste more natural resources and perpetuate the beliefs of fear, separation and scarcity that have lead to this state of societal breakdown.

It is at moments like these that the greatest breakthroughs emerge. Let us imagine something completely new, something even better to assist humanity and the planet on its evolutionary path.

Perhaps the time has come to take the wisdom from history and nature to heart and act accordingly, and from the heart.


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2 Comments to "Response to New Landfill Public Meeting"

  1. Stan and Jean Said,

    Interesting thoughts, but no specifics or alternatives. Wayne County obviously is not thinking outside of the box when they discontinued their very beneficial recycling program.

    Posted on Thu Jun 14, 05:33:00 AM EDT

  2. Peter Said,

    Tomorrow night (July 10th)there will be a meeting in village of Newark at 7 p.m. in the muncipal building second floor. We need everyone there!
    Do we really want a mountain bigger than Brantling Ski Slope in Newark?

    Posted on Mon Jul 09, 09:41:00 PM EDT


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