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Submitted by:  Robert Stopper, Lyons

It was 7:15 AM on Friday, August 24, and adventure cyclist “David from Brewerton” had already biked from Clyde to Lyons. David had slept “along the banks of the Erie” in Clyde, and now he had stopped for a short rest and water break in the Lyons Canalside Park, just a few feet from the canal and in full view of Lock 27.

David demonstrates the B.O.B.
David was biking from Brewerton to Niagara Falls and Toronto.  He had no particular time frame and explained that his main purpose was to check out the Erie Canal Bike trail. He planned to “check out” all the villages and towns along the trail.His biggest surprise so far was “a lack of directional signage and signage for rest stops and camping areas.”

David said that over the years, he thinks he has biked every trail in the Adirondacks and Alleghany Parks. When on a tour, he usually bikes 50 miles a day. He empties his three one-quart water containers several times a day.

David said that bikers and interested folks ask more questions about B.O.B. than they do about his travels. David’s B.O.B. is a single wheeled trailer/yak with an extremely low center of gravity. It can carry up to 70 pounds of cargo and is very aerodynamic. All cargo is placed inside a bright yellow B.O.B. Drysink. According to David, once you fold down the top of the drysink, it is guaranteed to be waterproof- and it truly is!”

David is also an avid kayaker, but at the moment, biking and training for “the big trip” is his main focus. A member of the Adventure Cycle Club of America, next summer David plans to bike the Northern Tier Bike Route from Bar Harbor, Maine to Anacortes, Washington, approximately 4,300 miles.  


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