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Submitted by: Robert Stopper, Lyons

The Lyons Dock on the Erie Canal has definitely been found by short and long distance boaters. Boaters are learning about the new amenities of electric, water, lighting, free showers and free rest rooms. One year ago on this date, the number of boats docking for at least one evening was slightly over 100. On Sunday evening, August 26, 2012, that number surpassed 200 for the present boating season.

Tom & Arline North aboard the Hemlock
Who were the 200th overnight visitors? Tom and Arline North from Yarmouth Port, MA arrived aboard the Mid-Lakes rental boat, the “Hemlock.” This was their first experience boating on the Erie Canal. When asked why they were on the Erie Canal, Arline responded, “Several months ago, I read an article in Country Living Magazine about the joys and thrills of renting a boat and touring canals. I was fascinated with the content of the article and began to do some research. And here we are, checking out the Erie Canal, and so far, loving every minute!”

Although retired, both Arlene and Tom are plenty busy. Arline is involved in “Scentimentals” creating Floral Designs and Folk Artistry.  Tom is President of the Cape and Islands Tour Guide Association, Yarmouth Port, MA.

As special guests, Tom and Arline were presented a map of the Village of Lyons, a waterway tour guide, peppermint candies, a small sample of authentic Peppermint Oil, and fresh peppermint sprigs.

Lyons would like to say, “Thank you, Tom and Arline, for stopping by and being our 200th guest. May you enjoy the remainder of your trip and may you have wonderful memories of the Erie Canal as you celebrate your 30 Wedding Anniversary!” 


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1 Comment to "Lyons Dock on the Erie- 200 and Counting!"

  1. Peppermint Patty Said,

    Great article, Bob!! Peppermint Patty

    Posted on Tue Aug 28, 01:51:00 PM EDT


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