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SUBMITTED by Vicky Daly, Village of Palmyra (10-Jul-2012)

Conversation with the Mayor
It is always a pleasure to be able to share with you good news – happy, upbeat things that are happening in and around Palmyra. Today I have a list that should make you smile and, perhaps, even reach for pencil and paper to make notes for future reference.

Several weeks ago the Palmyra-Macedon Conservatory of Dance held its first dance recital in the high school auditorium. It was absolutely delightful. The dancers, of all sizes and ages, were charming, the audience entranced. Owner and instructor Jaime Neiss, whose studio is at 505 West Main Street, has created a bright spot in the community.

A newcomer to Main Street is Pop’s Hots at 305 East Main. Owner Richard Beya brings to the endeavor years of experience in the Canandaigua area. When the opportunity to purchase the property on East Main arose, he did so and has set up shop here. The menu is summer picnic – hots, hamburgers, sausages, fries and the like. Open initially from 11 AM to 6 PM, the hours may change depending on response. I can attest to the quality of hamburgers, sausages and fries – delicious.

Another new face in Palmyra is that of Officer Dave Smith. Officer Smith comes to us from Wolcott but has a connection with Pal-Mac High School through his long involvement with wrestling at Midlakes High School, another top wrestling school. Officer Smith replaces Officer John Boyan who was eligible for retirement and took advantage of the option. We wish John well and welcome Dave to Palmyra.

Last Sunday, the first four Sunday afternoon concerts in the Village Park was a smash. The park was full; the weather perfect, and the music by InsideOut was fun – Beatles and other ‘60’s music. The American Legion food tent did a brisk business with hots, hamburgers sausages and drinks. The bad news is that the band won’t be coming back to Palmyra this season but, if you missed InsideOut here, check their schedule at www.insideoutrocks.net. Further good news is that on July 22, 2012, Todd East performed in the Village Park, 2:00 – 4:30. It was another memorable afternoon. If you see Deputy Mayor Ken Bradstreet, Tim Montroy, Fran Storm or Dave Nagle, say thank you. They are the folks that have set up this summer music series.

And then there is the Division Street bridge. It is closed and, at this writing, we have not had word from the NYS DOT as to what has to be done and what the time frame will be for repairs. It is likely to be a while. So where is the silver lining in this situation? Although the bridge is closed to all vehicular traffic, walkers and cyclists may use it. That is very good news to many, many people.

Among those who were pleased were the 500 or so cyclists who rode over the bridge as part of the Erie Canal Bike Tour on July 10th. These ambitious folks were riding the length of the Erie Canal and, as in past years, had a water stop in Palmyra, this year at the marina. After spending the preceding night on the lawn (in tents) at the Jefferson Road Elementary School in Pittsford, they were up and ready to go with Seneca Falls as their destination that night. Village Clerk Alicia Lynch and I drove in to meet with them at a 6:30 breakfast and were passed by cyclists already on the road heading out. Special thanks for making their stop at the marina pavilion has to go to the Palmyra-Macedon Kiwanis Club which once more manned the water stop from 8 AM until at least noon and to Superintendent of Buildings & Grounds Gary Hopkins who made sure the cyclists and the Kiwanians had everything they needed for a successful visit to Palmyra.


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