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SUBMITTED by Vicky Daly, Village of Palmyra (22-Jun-2012)

Conversation with the Mayor

It’s that time again – time for a bunch of not apparently related pieces of information for your consideration. It has to happen every so often, and now it is time. Summer is officially here and that brings the good – movies and music in the park; the bad – insect bites and sunburns, and the ugly – evidence that someone was not being observant while dogwalking.

First, the good: music & movies: Sunday, June 8th, ‘Inside Out’ brought its Beatles and 60’s music to the village park from 2:00 to 4:00 pm. Good music, beautiful setting, no admission fee, and even food available thanks to the American Legion. Two weeks later, on the 22nd, Todd East performed, same time, same cost – just the community's time and presence. There will be two more concerts in August, but more about them later. We will talk about movies later as the time approaches.

Then there is the bad: itchy bites and sunburned skin, hopefully not at the same time. This really isn’t a village matter, but as more and more people walk the trail, visit the marina to fish or watch boats or just enjoy the beauty of our canalside park, it is good to keep the need for sunscreen and insect repellant. We want you to keep doing all that, but want it to be a pleasant experience.

Finally, the ugly, really, really ugly: dog droppings. There really aren’t that many, but one is too many. If a dog is being walked on a leash, which is village law (voice control isn’t enough), then chances are 99 out of 100 that the pooch is walking a head of his master / mistress. Therefore, the owner should be able to see what the dog is doing. If the dog is off on an angle and stops, again the owner should be aware. There is no excuse for not picking up after your dog. It is so easy just to keep a plastic bag or two in your pocket. Other dog walkers and all those sunscreened, insect repelling walkers en route to the marina or music in the park – or elsewhere will thank you. Me, too.

Happy summer!


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