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Story by:  Robert Stopper, Lyons

Bikers, Jeremiah, Chris & Curtis find PumpkinPalooza!
Jeremiah, Chris, and Curtis had been on the trail for 53 days when they arrived in the Lyons Village Park on Saturday morning, October 20, 2012. Their 3500 mile cross country bike trip began in Anacortes, Washington. They are headed to Boston!  

According to Jeremiah, “This is something we all have talked about for many years so we just decided that now is the time and  we are doing it in simple fashion.”  The bikers have no solar panels mounted on their handlebars and no generators mounted on the wheel axles. They are towing no BOBs. They sleep at night in a tent set up “wherever.” They usually travel between 80 to 100 or more miles a day.

According to the bikers, “We entered the Erie Canal trail in the Buffalo area. The terrain along the canal is beautiful. There really is a ton of history along the way. Then there are surprises like arriving here at the beginning of your PumpkinPalooza Festival….  but now we are at the end of the trail!”

Like so many bikers who have stopped in Lyons this past year, Jeremiah, Chris, and Curtis are following a basic trail from the  Adventure Cycling Organization and then adding “our own” trails of interest.

After a “quasi” second breakfast of fried dough, apple cider, pumpkin custard, pumpkin bread, and apple yummy, the bikers continued eastward along Route 31. They plan to be in Boston in “just a few” days!


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