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Thank you to the Village of Macedon Firefighters October 9th was National Firefighter’s Appreciation Day. There was a recognition gathering after their training that night. Local individuals made the event possible by not only donated their time and talent, but also recognizing without hesitation, the importance of the emergency responders. Thank you to Sally Breen, for her extraordinary talent and great tasting cake. Thank you Shell’s Pizzeria, Paul Ray-owner, for the donation of a sheet pizza and the newly renovated Express Mart for donating the beverages. We would like to acknowledge the Village of Macedon firefighters for their volunteerism and dedication. The state continues to place many requirements on our volunteers, but that does not stop our Village firefighters from serving their community. They have weekly drills and are prepared to handle any call due to their knowledge and being well trained. We would like to thank all the firefighters that have put their lives on the line. Your never-ending passion gives this community a sense of security and pride. Thank you for your service. Any one that would like to join the Village of Macedon Fire Department, please feel free to stop by any Tuesday night at 1 Canal Park off Rte. 350 or call 315-986-4700. They are always looking for volunteers for the fire department or ambulance. Thank you, The Macedon Village Pride Committee


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