two thousand twenty
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Spearheaded by the Neighborhood Association of Sodus Point, a new historic
plaque commemorating the Coal Trestle has been now been installed. The
plaque has been placed on the bay side of Route 14 at the site of where the
coal trestle used to stand near the present day Sodus Bay Marina. The
structure that the plaque is mounted on was made to resemble the coal
trestle structure and has two railroad rails; one on each side of the
plaque. The plaque has two photos of the coal trestle. One photo is with a
coal ship being loaded with coal from the trestle. The other photo depicts
the coal trestle on fire. The plaque also has a QR code in the lower right
corner so those with a smart phone, IPAD or other tablet can access the
get additional photos and information about the coal trestle. The coal
trestle was an important part of the economy of Sodus Point from 1872 until
it closed in 1967. In November 1971, it burned down during the process of
dismantling it to make way for a marina. At its peak, this icon of Sodus
Point was 800 feet in length and 60 feet in height, with eight pockets and
chutes. The yearly tonnage of coal shipments increased from 32,174 in 1872
to 2,401,676 tons in 1956. However, in the mid 1960s when boats were being
built that could carry 25,000 to 28,000 tons of coal, the Sodus Point coal
trestle, with its antiquated coal dumping operation and small coal storage
area, found it could not compete with other more modern facilities. A
special thanks to Mark Vande and Barb Clayton who designed the Coal Trestle
plaque structure. Also special thanks to Bill Huff, Jr. for the use of his
photos on the plaque and Sandi Saracen (Ontario Midland Railroad Corp.) who
donated the railroad rails for the plaque structure. Finally a thanks goes
to Paul Parker (South Shore Wood Products) who built and installed the
plaque structure. With the completion of this plaque, the infrastructure of
17 sites for Historic Sodus Point is now in place.  This includes seven
plaques, seven murals and three interpretive panels. In preparation for next
year's bicentennial of the Battle of Sodus Point, a self guided walking tour
pamphlet of the 17 sites is being created and plans are also underway for
several guided  walks. 


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