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It's Been A Good Run.

Conversation with the Mayor                                  November 20, 2012

                                                Vicky Daly


It ‘s Been A Good Run.


          I started writing this column in my head some time  ago because I wanted to get it right. I hope I did because there won’t be another one in a week or so to clarify, correct or explain. This conversation has been offered to you on a regular basis for the last eleven years thanks to the generosity of the newspapers which carried it. It appears that many folks took the time to read it because of the  questions asked  and  the comments that have been  made. Thank you for doing that.  

          Thanks go to the people of Palmyra for trusting me with the office of mayor. It is very true that you never know what a job is really like until you are in it and that holds true for elected office. I have learned so many things on so many topics over the last eleven years from so  many good people. In a previous life, teaching,  I went back to school to earn my administrative credits so I could work on a district wide basis for BOCES as a staff developer. If I had never worked on the (quasi)administrative level, I would still have benefitted greatly from that additional education and been a better teacher for having taken those courses. I feel the same way about the time spent as an elected official and believe  I am a better, more knowledgeable citizen  for the experience. My guess is that the folks who get involved  as volunteers on  the various boards – Planning, ZBA and Preservation, or the Celebrations committee feel the same way. It gives you a sense of ownership and the accompanying concern  as you give back to your community.

          I mentioned good people. Despite the deluge of promises made in the first person singular,  nobody makes changes alone without cooperation and support. That is certainly true in local government. Good things happen when people work together for a common goal. In this case, the goal was the betterment of the village for its residents and merchants. The Board members with whom I have worked;  our Village Clerk/ Treasurer and wonderful office staff and village crews; our volunteers; the local merchants; colleagues across the region and in county and state government have all been part of the positive results we have achieved. Nobody does it alone, so thank you one and all. And it goes without saying that, without the support of my husband, none of this would have happened. Bob and I are a team. The last eleven years, for the Dalys, have been a wonderful and satisfying experience because of you.




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