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Good Things to Know About

Conversation with the Mayor                                              November 5, 2012

                                                            Vicky Daly


Good Things to Know About


            One of the lesser known treasures of the region is the Wayne Writers Guild, which meets regularly at Books, Etc. in Macedon. On November 2nd, the Guild celebrated its tenth anniversary and the publication of its fifth collection of literary works, Voices from John’s Back Room, at the Palmyra Town Hall with a reading of some of the entries. Authors from Macedon, Marion and Palmyra contributed to this work of both essays and poetry. Simply put, the event was delightful. My understanding is that new members are always welcome, Contact Beth Hoad, Chuck Martin or John Cielinski  at Books, Etc. for details.

            That same day, I was given a copy of a letter of thanks from the Office of the Adjutant, The  American Legion  Cottreall-Warner Post, Webster. It was shared with me because  the James R. Hickey American Legion Post 120, our Post,  was referenced  in the thanks received from the family of Sergeant Metcalf for their participation in his funeral services in October. Their presence brought solace to the family and friends and honor to the participants from the Palmyra Post.

            At the most recent Village Board meeting, Ann Guest, Past Commander of the Post, informed the Board and the public present that evening, that the Palmyra Legion Post, as well as those in Marion and Williamson, has stepped in to a breach created by a cut in the NY State budget which eliminated funding for the cost of taps to be played at military funerals. Commander Guest wants it known that any veteran eligible for a military funeral will have one. The Legion will see that it happens at no additional cost to the family,

            Finally, if you are in the gift buying mode for the upcoming holidays, do check out the local shops. You will be pleasantly surprised at the variety of possibilities available to you.. Choices range from  handcrafted toys, treats  and gifts for your favorite companion animal to lovely jewelry, new and vintage; gourmet condiments for your table or  locally made chocolates; the just right accent for your home or wardrobe, or the book you have  been searching for. And don’t forget gift certificates. They are great for stocking- stuffers  and when you aren’t sure just which of the many choices possible would be best.  Gift certificates for gas from a local station are always well received . Buying locally benefits you in multiple ways. It’s faster, easier, and keeps the shops open. Research has shown that when you buy locally, as much as 89% of the money spent stays here, circulating through the  local economy as rent, tax payments, or for purchase in other local businesses. If we don’t support our local businesses, we won’t have them.



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