two thousand twenty
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A friend from England recently asked me................
"What are those small homes that I saw on the way to the hospital?" She was referring to the Newark Housing Authority's Driving Park Circle development, where a family can rent a good home based on their income.
Being a historical minded person I added "I can tell you what used to be there and you will be surprised!"
I checked my photo collection and there it was, a nice color print of the former Jackson and Perkins fields that existed off Driving Park Avenue until the early 1960's.  Jackson and Perkins Co., established in 1872, and C.W. Stuart nurseries, established in 1852, had extensive growing fields locally and owned hundred of patents on chrysanthemums. Local residents would visit the colorful mum fields on a sunny fall afternoon, relishing in a last splash of color, just before the doldrums of winter.   


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