two thousand twenty
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SUBMITTED by Carol Elaine Deys, Para-Deys Acres' Serenity Chapel (27-Mar-13)


Would you believe that I forgot my camera? One whole year since I've seen my granddaughter's smiling, chubby cheeks, a halo of golden strawberries for hair and pearly whites--a whole row of them shining at me --and no camera!

We took a walk on the peninsula, my granddaughter and I. Then she grasped Grandpa's strong hand and toddled down to the water's edge with him, assured that all was well. His stature spoke for itself. His strong arms made known the fact--in her language--that all was well. And they communicated, the two of them, with a language all their own. His greater spirit reached out to her--and somehow she understood, her grandpa and her.

I watched from my couch of deeply cleft rocks. My heart expanded as I realized that I really didn't need a camera, for the visualization of my heart had entered into a state of eternal awareness which conceived this impression upon my soul. My granddaughter and I. Her energy, her trusting smile....her ready wit--for even at two she had already expressed the bearing of a queen, checking out her subjects--making sure that each one of us was "OK."... and then she would go about her business of investigating the world of her choice with renewed vigor. Her shoes were the first to come off, and the little squiggly toes merged with the sparkling sand; feeling, walking and experiencing all that they could experience in the walk to the shoreline. She stood and watched them as they wiggled--all ten of them, almost as if they were separate entities not physically connected to her little body. Of course, the rocks were for biting into with crunchy results, flinging at the bubbling water and soaring through the air--bystanders BEWARE.

My conscious effort to record this child of love upon my heart has been a developing experience for me. Too many miles prevent but an occasional view of her tousled locks--so I have entered her into my portfolio of the heart. As she expands in her growth, I pray that tomorrow will bring her everything good that she deserves for one so bright and shining. I do not ask for perfection for her, for the lack of growing experiences would serve no purpose. I ask that she be strengthened through the rough waters which will surely touch her life as in all expansions of perceptive awareness. I ask that the sunshine balances equally with the rain so that they, combined, teach this little one the grace of life on earth--a perpetual expression of expanding growth.

Jackson Robert, taken by his mother
 Leigha as he sat in a hospital bed
waiting for minor surgery
...AND in my family, I have seen the changes. I have witnessed to a balanced awareness even though I sometimes wondered if I would ever again know the comforting presence of a balancing strength in my life...and Leigha. She will grow up, and have children of her own some day and she will sit on the sandy rocks remembering, taking pictures with her heart, and expanding as she views the rounded bottom and chubby legs of her granddaughters walking hand in hand with their strong, and trustworthy great grandpa, our son--and remember--for somewhere, deeply ingrained within HER memory will be the imprint of our meeting today, and she will benefit from this, as I have. And her granddaughter will look upon her smiling with HER pearly whites, and just for a moment, she will see the reflection of her Mom, her Dad and Me--for I shall live eternally within the children of my choice, and the expansion of my love shall witness beyond the year of our Lord, 2000--beyond the sunset of today and the sunrise of tomorrow, bringing forth a new day for all of us.

...And me, I shall smile from my chosen place, and know that my life's experience has been worthwhile, and the heritage of my family's enjoining presence means all the world to me. The connecting love of all of the little granddaughters and grandsons of today shall make our world of tomorrow--and we shall survive as a human species, elevating in our newness...expanding in our conscious awareness and becoming all that we can become in the way of enlightenment.

I, for one, speak out for the freedom of choice in this Land of the Golden Dawning, recognizing fully what we have, and in the day of your reawakening know that you have helped to keep it that way--free--as my little granddaughter is, and shall remain because we, the peoples, shall continue our growth patterning, rising in our newness to a better way...

...for from the beginning of time, it has been declared that it shall be so.


The above article was written in the Autumn of 1985. Today we celebrate twelve grandchildren and thirteen greats in our family. The picture in this article is the latest great grandson, so innocent, so beautiful and worthy of our trust that tomorrow will be a better day for all of us. A Blessed Easter to all of you, knowing that the original teachings of Jesus' heart have been imprinted upon ours--and that is what we are supposed to do--share them!



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1 Comment to "HOMESPUN - Chapter Eighteen"

  1. Videomark Said,

    Great visual you don't need a camera. Perhaps you remembered every detail because of it.

    Posted on Thu Mar 28, 07:38:00 AM EDT


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