two thousand twenty
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SUBMITTED by Carol Elaine Deys, Para-Deys Acres' Serenity Chapel (6-Feb-13)

Micro greens growing quickly in the
Solar Room at Para-Deys Acres.

I look out the door, and there is snow on the ground...I remember the deep frozen drifts of times gone by...I reflect upon Christmas, New Year's, and birthdays beyond count...and I am blessed to know that I SMELL SPRING COMING.

Days are longer...nights shorter, too. Forsythias, although fake, find their way to my shopping cart and pussy willows, too! The fragrance of lilac in my hand cream discerns the possibilities of days to come...and in my mind's eye there are flowers of every color blossoming just in time for an Easter Celebration.

I am thinking of how many tomato plants today to protect our roses from the plague of the black spots. Our bay window shines with thoughts of gardens, fairies, and trilliums in the woods...and I would swear that the little bird perched on one of the miniature houses just winked at me.

But most of all, I smell Spring...and I know that it is on its way.

Just opened the kitchen door to let Pakia dog out. He stops to listen, lift his head to the wind and I know that he, too smells spring on its way. I also define that there is an old road kill possum there that he brought so proudly home on his special walk with Dad the other day. Isn't that also a sign of Spring to come?

Animals moving, peeking out on the sunny days--hoping to find just a bit, just a tad of Spring! Some walk too far, and come up against the hard truth that nature is no longer first in line...that they no longer own the road or many other places of sheltered decree. Perhaps they will find Spring in a place of their eternal strength.

We are blessed to know that the seasons change--each in their own way producing values beyond compare.

Yes, I smell Spring coming. Yea!



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2 Comments to "HOMESPUN - Chapter Seventeen"

  1. Books, ETC. Said,

    Super wonderful!

    Posted on Tue Mar 19, 02:10:00 PM EDT

  2. Videomark Said,

    I hear the sound of spring today with the sound of a killdeer.

    Posted on Tue Mar 19, 11:46:00 PM EDT


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