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SUBMITTED by Carol Elaine Deys, Para-Deys Acres' Serenity Chapel (16-Sep-12)

Photo: Richard W. Deys Sr.
Today I closed the pages of a little Guest Register at the Celebration of our beautiful new Butterfly Nature Trail in the Macedon Canal Park, Village of Macedon. I had asked several to sign this register, and decided to walk towards another lady asking her if she would please sign her name. As I opened the book, a tiny little butterfly flew out. She said to me, "Did you see that?" and I, in return said, "I certainly did." She replied, "I feel very special that this happened. I feel it is a blessing" and all who have heard or are now hearing this story, will be blessed if they choose to be. God brings many miracles to us in the every day world, and who would ever believe that such a tiny little joy like a baby butterfly could find its way to be just that - a chosen miracle.
The positive reinforcement of many throughout the village and beyond came to celebrate this beautiful space at the Macedon Lock #30. Down past the Macedon Fire Hall, and a bit around the curve you will see a nature trail just beginning to find its way in the Village of Macedon. Touched by the Light of Hope, and the hard-working hands of many, it will continue to reflect upon the promises we have been given - a place where light shines through the surrounding area, where flowers and shrubs donated and planted by many, where lovely little alcoves of blessed retreat are there for the time when one needs to rest and observe, and where the butterflies of many colors are gathering for us to see. Benches lovingly made, and dedicated to loved ones are placed conveniently along the trail opening the way for a time apart.

Photo: Richard W. Deys Sr.
Many surrounding have not heard of these beautiful community-spirited trails. I don't pretend to know a great deal about them, but I know many of the people involved in the deep awareness which has been required to create these places of beauty. Marie Cramer, our Village of Macedon Mayor is one of them, and we are blessed to know of her dedicated efforts to truly make a difference.
We met many other old friends there today. Bob Oaks, our Assemblyman was one of them, June Hamell our Town Historian, another and Sally Millick, Village Historian. Of course, many of the village and town officers were there to greet one and all, and if there were any missing, it is my hope that the next time we have such a celebration they know that each and every one of them would be most welcome.

Sometimes we find ourselves so caught up in the world of every day experiences and necessities, that when something new comes along - especially something of such value, we are remiss in not paying attention to the dfifference this would bring to our lives and the lives of others. Sometimes a time apart is all that we need to make more sense out of our every day world. The busyness of this world many times does not allow us to do this.

My husband and I visited the Trail of Hope in Lyons last week. Their Garden Angel, Carol Kildoyle was there to greet us. Mark De Cracker came by later, and we had a most pleasant tour through their gardens. The moment we stopped by the entrance totally unexpected tears started to flow from my eyes. Sometimes the "Voice of Spirit" walks before us, and I know in my heart of hearts that the wonderful work that has already been created here has deeply touched many lives. Thank you, Mark, Carol and all of the supportive friends for the work you have done and continue to do. My heart is filled tonight with not only the purposeful direction of artists' dreams worth creating, but also the potential of healing grace which goes along with these dedicated projects. My husband Dick and I also serve on the 1816 Farmington Quaker Museum Restoration Project, and what a journey that has been - and shall continue to be. It is our hope that there will be, in all due time, a nature trail accompanying this nationally important educational site.

With wars and rumors of wars wherever we hear the sights and sounds of discord, it is our privilege to know and appreciate that there are still those in our co-communities who are willing to "lay down their swords" and put them into the plowshares of working side by side, shoulder to shoulder continuing to build peace on our home grounds.

Perhaps I have said enough for now. Perhaps not - but I do note that most negative news gets first call wherever we go. May this little thought-provoking chapter touch your hearts, bringing forth the desire to truly make a difference wherever you live. Community counts, and if we could just remember the depth of commitment which built this area in the first place - perhaps more than once, in places of our choice we can help to raise the awareness of a work well done.

Share later, my Friends and Co-Conspirators who are dedicated to the celebration of good things happening! Let there be Light!


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