two thousand twenty
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SUBMITTED by Carol Elaine Deys, Para-Deys Acres Serenity Chapel (12-Jun-2011)

Serenity Chapel in the Woods
Infinite Source

Sometimes when I come in from the garden, looking down I find a clover between my toes. This has happened more than once, enough so that I am beginning to take notice! Now I am thinking - "Have I picked the clover or has it picked me?" I am honored! Barefoot in the garden can be such an adventure. So far - so good. No bees stepped upon - no thorns to prick my feet. God is good. Only the newly blossoming flowers are there to greet me, especially our pink and white snapdragons this year - just BEAUTIFUL! Barefoot in the freshly rained upon green grass. Fantastic! Some are able to walk like this. Some are not. I guess that I am one of the lucky ones. Infinite source providing.

Listen, I hear the beckoning birds, calling to their mates, feeding their young who are softly peeping in the clustered nests surrounding our deck's wisteria vine. Pakia dog murmur barks at them, saying "Now settle down there. I do know that we have to share this space, but will you please be a little quiet?" Infinite space. Infinite source. I am blessed to be here, celebrating Father's Day as a defining source of love in our family of hope!

Thank you Dads in Heaven, Husband here with me, friends, sons and fathers-to-be - grandsons and great grandson plus one on the way. There are rows to hoe, days to live and strawberries to pick for the shortcake to come. We are looking forward to all that tomorrow beckons, and are so blessed to be encouraged by this home in the woods, space of our choice, and the courage to remain confident in a world of change. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY! Enjoy the privilege of family gathering in peaceful celebrations. We, as a nation, have paid dearly for the grace to to this.



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1 Comment to "HOMESPUN - Chapter Ten"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    Thank you for the awareness of a perfect world we can view with our rose colored glasses that are always available for our use!!!

    Posted on Mon Jun 20, 06:45:00 PM EDT


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