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SUBMITTED by Carol Elaine Deys, Para-Deys Acres' Serenity Chapel (9-Dec-12)


With so many different negative things happening on the TV news showing in the living rooms of our own homes, it is sometimes hard to find spaces of celebration. Daily we seek out that possibility, and yesterday one of the neatest things happened in the Village of Macedon.
The Mayor, Marie Cramer, members of the Village Board, The Village Pride Committee, the Fire Department and just plain ordinary folks helped to plan the annual Santa parade. All day we were praying the rain away, and the weather was great! At 7:00 we stood in front of John's Books, ETC. and watched the children waiting. With their parents they excitedly ran up Main St. with Marie leading the way. The Gingerbread man was standing in front of the The Gingerbread House - a place of so many interesting things, and he was dancing for the children. As all eyes turned towards Center St. right in the middle of the village, a bright and shining vehicle was seen coming down the hill led by the Towpath Fyfe and Drum Corps with their exciting music!
Santa's Magic Show of Lights (Photo: Richard W. Deys Sr.)
We watched Santa standing tall and steady in the front of the rescue boat, now magically having been turned into a splendid array of moving Christmas lights - and all of a sudden, tears of joy welled up in my eyes as I found myself in a place of a child's delight - a place where one's child from forever can still celebrate the beauty of life as a whole, and quickly gain admittance to a place worth caring about. Like the TOYLAND song of yesterday, joy was in the air! Turning with joy in my heart to walk up the street, little Chloe - one of our sweet, sweet friends - from her father's arms pointed to show me the lights - and the same joy that I was feeling, was shining from her eyes.

Thank you Village of Macedon for helping us to remember the joys of childhood. Thank you, Marie for the good work you are doing as the new mayor, and thank you, Chloe for helping to bring back the innocent memories of my own children in my arms many years ago. Today as I reflect upon our dozen grandchildren and thirteen greats, and the privilege of planning Christmas surprises for all of them, I am honored to thank our friends for being there to share this celebration with us. Pizza at John's topped off the evening and we headed towards home, relaxing in the promises that there is still good in this world - and we were and are a part of this celebration of hope.

Thirty one years ago last May, a young son of ours spiritually came to me the day after he had passed over while running track at Victor High School. He said these words to me -
It is the passing through the so very difficult times that makes one appreciate JOY. Last night was one of those times! "And in the East a brilliant star was shining...." MERRY CHRISTMAS, FRIENDS.

Love and peace,

Carol Elaine Deys


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