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SUBMITTED by Joe Yonda (18-Mar-2013)

Letter to the Editor

The Arcadia Town Supervisor and Board are proposing a new landfill in Arcadia. I think it's a bad idea that will hurt our farmers and cost us jobs.

Our muck farms and orchards are rich, precious and rare and the farmers who work them grow more than food. They are the roots of an employment chain that sprouts job opportunities for everybody from farm workers, to store owners, to truckers, to a multitude of others business. They are our job creators!

With landfills come risks: the risk of water and air pollution, vermin, excessive noise and competition for clean water supplies. Is it worth putting at risk farmland that can never be replaced or "fixed" once a landfill pollutes it? How about the risk to the tax paying, job creating farm stands, pumpkin farms and Christmas tree farms that make Arcadia a good place to raise (and support) a family?

We can't allow short-sighted politicians and a landfill developer put at risk what it took generations of farmers to clear, cultivate and make prosperous! We have to nip this misguided landfill idea right in the bud by letting our supervisor and town board know that we value our farmers for who they are, what they do and the jobs they create.


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