two thousand twenty
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American Legion posts in our area begin the spring search for high school juniors who would be worthy to send to Morrisville to attend Boys' State in June. Boys' State provides an opportunity for young men to learn through practical sessions just how to effect legislation at the state level on the campus in Madison County. An intensive 6-day training program is employed to engage the selected young men in seeing how the process of constitutional government functions. Furthermore, the juniors are given a preview of basic military training, participate in marching and a variety of sport activities. A typical American legion post may underwrite the cost of sending one or more juniors to the Morrisville campus. Because of the limited capacity of the campus and instructors, very few boys thoughout the state receive this once in a lifetime opportunity. It has been the pleasure for many years for Macedon Post 494 to send a junior to Morrisville.


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