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Submitted by:  Lyons Main Street Program

Joan Delaro, newly appointed
Director, Lyons Main
Street Program
The Board of Directors of the Lyons Main Street Program is pleased to announce that Joan Delaro has been appointed as Director of the Lyons Main Street Program.  Joan comes to the Lyons Main Street Program with many years of experience working with the Western Erie Canal Alliance and the Western Erie Canal Main Street Program.  Paula Bartishevich, President of the Lyons Main Street Program Board of Directors, said “the board is excited to have Joan join the Lyons Main Street Program.  Her experience and knowledge will move the program to the next phase of revitalization for Lyons.”

The Lyons Main Street Program began in 2008.  Lyons is one (1) of only three (3) communities in the Western Erie Canal Heritage Corridor that is designated by the Western Erie Canal Alliance as a National Trust Main Street. Lyons embraces the National Trust Main Street Center
Four Point Approach of Organization: building grassroots support and partnerships between public and private community entities and commercial district stakeholders, Promotion: creating a positive image that will rekindle community pride and improve consumer and investor confidence in commercial district, Economic Restructuring: strengthening community’s existing economic assets while diversifying its economic base that will create an entrepreneurial atmosphere and desire to invest in community, Design: Maintaining historic integrity and preservation as it applies to inherent success in a commercial district.

The Main Street program is designed as a program dependent on volunteers willing to work on projects, events and activities. Financial support is derived from personal, business and local government to better their Main Street area and their community as a whole.  

Joan will be working on a part time basis out of 70 William Street, Lyons, NY.  The office will be open 10:00AM-3:00PM Monday, Wednesday & Fridays and by appointment or chance.  Although, Joan said, “it is best to call first since I will be out and about meeting with the business owners and community members”. (Office number is: 315-871-4220).  I am looking forward to learning what the Lyons community sees for the future of Lyons and how the Lyons Main Street Program can help reach that goal. “

An active and thriving Main Street enhances a community.  It provides shopping, restaurants and community events.  In the case of Lyons it is also the county seat where county business is conducted.  Rural areas, such as Lyons, have always depended on their Main Street as the core of its community. Anyone interested in volunteering as part of the Lyons Main Street Program should contact Joan Delaro at 315-871-4220 or email www.lyonsmainstreetprogram.com.

The Lyons Main Street Program is supported by: WCIDA and the Wayne County Business Builders, the NYS Department of State with funds provided under Title 11 of the Environmental Protection Fund and Western Erie Canal Main Street Program.


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