two thousand twenty
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This past weekend was full of entertaining festivities celebrating the onset of Autumn.  On Main Street in Sodus, vendors lined the walkways with craft and jewelry booths and festival foods.

The intersection became filled with instructors and their students for a Zumba® demonstration.  Zumba®, the Latin inspired dance-fitness program, was led by area instructors from many dance studios across the county. Onlookers were welcomed to join in the fun and learn these easy dance moves such as salsa and other Latin rhythms.

Zumba® group being led by Instructor Tara Wiggins

Zumba® is for all ages and body types and can be done in various formats such as Basic Zumba, Toning, Gold, Sentao, Aqua and even Zumba® Kids for younger participants. Zumba® classes can be found near you by visiting the website at www.zumba.com.

Instructors Tammy McIntosh & Deb DeRoo

Instructor Valerie Duarte


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1 Comment to "Zumba® Fills the Street at Sodus Harvestfest"

  1. Unknown Said,

    Cool and amazing! How superb especially the olds that they can still manage to go for a street zumba dance party. This is great! - zumba fitness videos online free download

    Posted on Sun Sep 14, 08:32:00 AM EDT


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