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SUBMITTED by John Zornow (6-Aug-2014)

Dear Editor,

It is the caucus season in Arcadia and Newark, and Republicans will be gathering Tuesday August 12, 6:30 p.m. at Newark High School.

My name is John Zornow and I am asking for your support at the caucus, and want to be your Mayor for the next 4 years. The current Mayor, Peter Blandino has, to his credit, demonstrated that the job requires 24/7 availability. I am prepared to take on this task. The Mayor has to be available at any time to handle issues that come up, meet with the village clerk/treasurer, village attorney, village engineer, vendors, and other key people, as well as the public.

If nominated and elected I will be approachable and return phone and e-mail inquiries on the same day.

I will also offer a “Meet with the Mayor” time when residents can visit my office and discuss any village issue. Monthly village meetings will be changed with time for public comment at the beginning of the meeting as well as at the end of the meeting.

As Mayor I will involve all board members in appointments and hiring of all new employees. Openings for zoning, and planning board members will be advertised to the public. An independent ethics committee will be appointed to handle any issues that may come up.
  • Tired of seeing trash along our streets waiting for the refuse truck that is two days away? I have a solution and our code enforcement people will be given the tools to deal with it.
  • Would you support a ban on any new conversions of single family homes to apartments? Let me know and we will deal with it together. Other communities do.
I offer a simple, fresh approach, but cannot continue without the Republican nomination. Please attend the caucus on August 12.

Thank You,

John M. Zornow
216 Edgett St.
Newark, N.Y. 14513


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