two thousand twenty
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HOMESPUN The Hush of Morning's Call Sometimes there are bridges to cross, and crosses to bear which have absolutely no place in our personal lives. Today I experienced the joy of early morning. I remembered standing on the back step of the "old house" with my two kittens and dog, sitting silently, expectantly nearby. I had just sent my Beloved off to work, and the children were sleeping soundly upstairs. I remember seeing the sun starting to rise, and it was the hush of morning that touched my heartstrings. In the stillness, I found peace of mind. Justice has a way of coming around full circle, and I now find myself exercising any need to "cry over spilt milk". I have done the very best I could under all circumstances, and it is this blending of circumstances which have secured the promise of today's world. Forty years later, secure in a little log cabin that we built ourselves upon the same property as the "old house", I find myself still appreciating the quiet mornings. Our children have grown and left the nest, the animals have passed and been replaced by others, and my Beloved sleeps soundly in the back bedroom, no longer having to worry about a daily trek to work, as retirement is our personal joy. We have walked many miles together. We have been greatly blessed in countless ways, and no longer are required to do anything for anyone, and yet the beat of our mutual hearts have synchronized just enough to find areas of creative wealth which are ours to claim. Today we worked together on a surprise entry for the Wayne County Fair, and got totally caught up in the magic of the miniature world. Who would have ever thought there were so many ways to do this! Peace like a river of justice's command settles upon our lives, and we have thoroughly enjoyed this promised way. What tomorrow will bring, we have no way of knowing - but the one thing we have both learned that we can only live one day at a time, and in all actuality, the fullness of one day enriched by friends from many sources continually discerns as faithful and true. I am at peace knowing that we have only just begun to find justice in our NOW lives, and what a magnificent journey it has been and shall continue to be. In a prayer of humanity's cause for goodness, we wish you to same.


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