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SUBMITTED by Shirley K. Lockwood-Kushall (4-Sep-2014)

Members of the Town of Ontario Historical and Landmark Preservation Society were dismayed to learn Wednesday morning September 3, 2014 that the 360 plus year old sugar maple tree adjacent to the Ruffell Log Cabin had a large branch fall. The branch missed the cabin by only a foot or so. The tree and cabin are part of the Heritage Square Museum, 7147 Ontario Center Road.

The tree was documented in 1996 to be the largest sugar maple tree in New York State and is one of the focal points of the museum. The cabin, which dates to the 1860s, is one of the premier buildings at the museum. The Society has contacted a tree service company to determine whether the rest of the tree can be saved.


Maple tree down at the Ruffell Log Cabin in Ontario, New York


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