two thousand twenty
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HOMESPUN.....Changing Seasons It is the first of September, and I am thinking "'Where did the summer go?" I do know that there are many warm days ahead of us, and I do understand that the warm weather has yet to be completed, but there is something about new shoes, Crayola crayons, colored pencils, fun clothes and the spirit of new adventures that somehow touch into the days of the past. Our little ones have grown into many men of very tall stature. They have produced children of their own, and some of their children have done the same - continually moving forward in the genetic claim in our personal lives. Saturday we attended a baby shower for an expected great, great grandniece or grandnephew. It's still a secret! That is an amazing gift for all of us. Growing older has its moments when peace pervades our world. All in all it is an amazing journey as we watch the next generations in line take over the worlds of their choice, and occasionally we just sit back and enjoy the moments of leisure and compatible choice. This morning I see the beautiful rosy/red hibiscus in our garden entwined by Heavenly Blue, and some Lavender morning glories. Next to them sits a wooden goose, faithfully carved by our friend in peace, Jeffrey Thomas Cook. Jeff also carved the strong and inspirational figure at the head of the Macedon Canal Park Butterfly/Nature Trail. She stands with infinite grace as an Eternal Witness for Peace, and we have called her Jegohnseswe, Peace Queen of many factorings and the beauty of the knowledge that life is a never/ending circle of prosperity's blend. In many ways the Lady of Peace presents in our lives. Whatever signature you place upon her, will be the sacred space of your choice. God has blessed us with a discerning walk where Love shines out over all. Despite any rumors to the contrary, this strength of purpose shall gain credence in the Community of our choice, for forever and a day this has remained true in the value system of our current walk - and forever and a day we continue to extend these stories of hope, gaining credence, discerning fair witness and encouraging ALL who come our way with the blessed assurance that better days are coming. In peace the days of Autumn are now settling upon us. The leaves are quietly starting to turn, and the practical geese are beginning to look for warmer spaces. Like the :"snow geese" that all surround us, they prefer an easier way than to have to deal with the consistent cold and winds. There is majesty in the changing seasons. There is love in their potential, and the Celebrations of Hope are ours to share. How could we not be thankful, and share this time with one another in hope and the defiance that says "Our world - our time" and the naysayers are now put on notice that better days are coming. In peace I write this bit of Homespun to share with others. Who knows how many are blessed with these words of peace? Who knows how many now disregard their potential - and who knows how many will be touched by the possibilities of One world in Christ - a place of parallel claim where hope reigns supreme. Who knows? In peace and introspective joy, I remain as Carol Elaine Deys, PARADEYS ACRES


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