two thousand twenty
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NATURAL HARMONY There is a natural order to some things, and when we go against that natural order in any given way, then "all hell" breaks loose! Mercy has been very kind to this area, and in many ways we reflect the promises of those who have walked before us. Held strong by the hardworking heroes of the past, we have gleaned the directive influence of their Christ-centered lives. In many ways these diversified religious strengths have reflected this, and in the process have determined that we of the current generations shall live free and in the positive way of community wealth. Prospering in our newness, we have come to a place where many volunteer their time and efforts to extend upon these promises. The myriad organizations are filled with those who volunteer their time and efforts to make a difference in our community as a whole. From many areas outside of this community, people - both male and female, forever young and older than springtime commit to making this area a better place. I have been blessed to not only see this happening, but also have the given opportunity to say "thank you." We have blended the Oneness of the cooperative efforts in Macedon and beyond. Occasionally we reflect the energies that helped to make this so. We encourage one another at many levels, and "fight tooth and nail" for the right to have our way - no matter what the consequences. Sounds like a natural harmony to me! Look around at every aspect of divine interpretation in this world of the committed way for each and every human, animal and mite-sized image increases its awareness by the way they reach out to those surrounding. Sometimes they get eaten, but many times their image expresses wholely the growth they have experienced by the wealth of this potential. May the committed volunteers who have absolutely nothing to lose, continue to react to the need to help balance our community through the faithful interpretation that there is much to gain and a great deal to lose if we do not pay attention to all that is now going on around us. This is our community. This is a microcosm of the universe itself, and it is our responsibility to keep it alive and well, cleansed from the need to define order at any other level, and increase our own awareness of community as a whole as we define the natural order of family, hope and the wonder of a place where friends defend friends, and love - after all, active in many ways, increases our awareness of a job well done. I hear there is a pancake breakfast in the making down at the Macedon Canal Park Fire Department on the 18th of January. Many have worked for more than a century to keep us safe and secure. In so many ways they have defined a positive imprint upon this community, and the more we support those efforts of volunteers in every aspect of discerning grace in the community of our choice, the more our legacy will define a natural healing for the friends and neighbors to come. lncreasing this potential shall blend the possibilities of a job well done. Thank you, Volunteers. Thank you Town, Village and Community of Macedon for all you have done, and are now progressively doing to make a difference in our little place upon this planet. One look at the world news around us tells us that we are doing something right! Please keep it moving, Dear Friends, for despite all rumors to the contrary, we - as a community - are blessed beyond compare. It is the crux and flow of community awareness through the volunteer efforts of many, which has helped to make this so. "Blessed are the Peacemakers" for they shall inherit the earth of their choice - and Love, after all, is the highlight of this promised way. How blessed we are! Hidden in plain sight are the blessings we contain. Let's pay more attention to the joy this brings before us and continue to say "Thank you" to those who have made this possible. Carol Elaine Deys PARADEYS ACRES


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