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JOYFUL INTENT ...Macedon Village's Celebration of Our Treasured Canal Park Friday, April 17th,Twenty Fifteen and it's a cool, damp morning at Macedon Canal Park. Already the clean-up volunteers are arriving - touched by the need to care for all that we have been given in the Village of Macedon and beyond. We are a sturdy bunch - some more so than others, and the crackling fire in the park grate encourages us with its cheery sound and the thoughts of Jiffy popcorn and s'mores to come. We have been greatly blessed by those in and around the Village who have chosen to reflect upon the promised direction of a job well done. We have taken one small space in the universe and trusted the value of not only encouraging its direction, but also defining a beautiful Butterfly Nature Trail and a place where people can gather to fish, picnic and camp out sharing in the blessed nature all around. Birds are starting to sweetly sing after a long, cold winter. Their encouraging sounds make this wet, damp morning a place of great potential. They are building their nests all around, and they - like us - are determined to make a difference. Patsy Cline soulfully sings her powerful songs to us, and music fills the air. Shades of Concerts in the Park to come. We are waiting for the yellow bus, filled with excited children who will also have a chance to value this day, and the wonder of work to be done - food to eat, and the sharing friendship of community. We have just mastered the need to feel any sadness because the rain fell last night - and now it is starting all over again. Oh, dear! Yea! A pop-up canopy is coming into view, and it will be of great help. Ideas, ideas, ideas - one after another committing to make a difference along The Erie Canal, one of New York State's wondrous, treasured, adventuresome places. Take a look around. Value the ground you are standing upon and the freedom so desperately fought for in days gone by. Salute the men and women who made it all possible - some giving their very lives so that we could live with wonderful choices in our every day places. Today we will celebrate with fancy cheese and crackers, a veggie tray of carrots, broccoli and celery, tiny red tomatoes plus savory dip to match, little bags of crispy choices, the ever-present popcorn, cookies and s'mores if the weather allows, and the value of friendship shared. Two more volunteers from Egypt and E.Rochester have shown up this morning. Friend Bill from Victor brings his ready smile and appreciated help. Hope is in the air, and to those who are dedicated to a better tomorrow by the work they do today - Thank you. Thank you for being a part of sharing in the wealth of this area, and Thank you for taking the time to read this little epistle, for it is the combination of all who will make the difference needed in the Village of Macedon. We HAVE been given much. It is my prayer that all who live here will know and understand the value they now have, the hope we are defining in this village of choice, Macedon, New York. I see the bus coming! All of the teachers from the Wayne County Project S.H.O.W have brought the children, and we are excited as they are to have them here. Come on down the next time we have an adventure in the village. Check our website at www.villageofmacedon.org and remember "the more the merrier" as the old saying goes. I hear the whistle of the train going by - seasoned wood smoke is in the air. I am refreshed by the friendships we share, and the beauty of a job well done. As I look around I see that the volunteers and friends from S.H.O.W. are doing an amazing work this year, and the park is beginning to awaken from its winter sleep - defining a brand new area for grass to grow and flowers to bloom. Colorful birds and butterflies are certainly welcome! Life in its ever present value system walks before us. Celebrating our intent to do so, we claim our little place in the sun. It is our wish that you will do the same. HAPPY SPRING! Carol Elaine Deys Paradeys Acres Macedon, New York.


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