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Why Try and Dissolve Villages? In the case of the Village of Macedon, in my opinion I have found that the distracter’s that are trying to prevent growth and change within the Village find it amusing to place extra workload on myself as Mayor and the loyal hardworking staff all in order to serve their personal agendas not the agendas of the majority of the residents and betterment of the people. I am working until 1am to 3am six days a week to make sure the vision of the Village residents will come true. I do this because I have not forgotten who I work for, you the people. I make sure day to day business is completed, complete the extra unnecessary workload from the Town board that have harsh and misinformed words which are not backed up by facts and the extra workload from the dissolution committee which includes two Village Trustees Sliney and Lohse. I cannot have accomplished a visionary plan for the Village without the help from the volunteers, staff, committed board members and the highly respected contractors that have gone above and beyond because they see the true treasure in the Village and the majority of the people that not only live here, but also visit this Village. In my opinion, if the dissolution committee “Macedon One” truly did their home work from past dissolved Villages and information from the two past dissolutions here they would know there is not much of a cost savings and in some cases will cost you more. If the committee truly does not want to pay more in taxes then why isn’t their fight and outcry with the Town board for duplicating services in the Ambulance and Fire departments instead of improving the already cost effective, well run services the Village provides Town wide. Also, with the Town board initiating the lawsuits that have provided enormous legal fees on both sides? In my opinion, taxation without representation without the taxpayers vote has occurred with the Town. I have come to realize there are people that have the need to feel powerful by destroying the small communities and government which have been working for the people and moving the Village forward, which is an easier way out, then to be powerful and possibly fail at trying to destroy a larger form of government that may not be working for the people. Remember, power and success is measured by the good you have done not the destruction that has occurred from your personal agendas. Respect is earned by integrity and truth. Thank you, Marie Cramer Mayor, Village of Macedon


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