two thousand twenty
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What Is a Community? A community is what we perceive it to be with the special limits set in our own mind. A community is an identity that always is unique to the geographical area, the residents therein and the productive sum of that land. A community may be a hollow, a hamlet, a village, a town or an isolated space with its inhabitants. Now that the community has been defined, perhaps what is more important issue is what makes any community special in its own way that is particularly special to its residents. In my mind I believe the community is comprised of these principle parts: 1) how the topographical features influence the isolation or the freedom of movement of its citizens, 2) how these citizens unite to protect themselves while establishing a sense of oneness and 3) how this community hopes it is perceived by others. Therefore, the essence of any community depends on whether there is internal strife, family feuds, boundary line contentions and its ability to move on, i.e., adapt to the times. A community shows its character by its past record of expansion and achievements. Another question to ponder should be whether the community persists to dwell in its past history or choose to focus on what it can do to enhance itself. Some select to dream and highlight the past, and to preserve one’s history is a worthy goal. Others face the constant struggle on how to accept progress to best improve the community for its residents. One thing we all know from years of living that change is constant. There will, forever and forever, be change. Consequently, with this inevitability of persistent change, any community worth its salt should not be stagnant and divided but united. Internal strife between a village and town benefits only the representative attorneys while the taxpayers payout and payout. Goals for the community should be made to improve the well being of the residents. Examples of goals are the drawing in of new businesses, the effort to preserve and use its green space while utilizing local waterways, the upgrade of highways and bridges and the holding of events that literally show off the qualities that make a given community an often undetected gem. Are you stagnant or proactive? Only you and your neighbors can make a difference. You can do this by heeding the advice of Pericles (430 BC), who declared, “Just because you don’t take an interest in politics doesn’t mean politics doesn’t take an interest in you.” Remember, your community is counting on you to do your part. 434 words


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