two thousand twenty
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IN TRUST I WALKED (Chapter Two - Long Journey Remembered) It has come to me that sharing this aspect of Johnny's death would bring a new light shining for all who desire to believe these words of faith. I remember going to sleep that night in our bedroom situated upon the loft of our log cabin, and the night was kind to me as I slept deeply. When I awoke, I remembered the day before, and felt in deep and dark despair as I looked ahead at the days to come. All of a sudden I heard the church bells starting to ring - the entire log cabin resonated the power of these ringing bells, and I heard Johnny say these words to me - "Joy comes in the morning (mourning), Mom" - like a Clarion Call heard expansively across the valley of despair they came to me, and the blessings were mine to hold - gaining strength daily from their expansive input in my personal life's experience, I moved forward. There was another time in my life when I also heard these bells - a time when I almost lost my life giving birth to my first son in LaRochelle, France. He died at birth, and his body rests in perpetual care in the pristine grounds of the cemetery there. When I walked down the stairs I took these words of "Joy comes in the morning, Mom" and wrote them on many pieces of paper, placing them on John's bed (which I could see from our kitchen sink), in his dresser drawers, and other places to remind me of the value these words would become for me. Qualifying the comfort and beauty they did become for me, I rest in the thought that they might also help others. Today, thirty-four years later, they still bring comforting tears to my eyes remembering the solace they brought before me and eternally touching my life by the beauty and hope which accompanied these words. The above is the second chapter of my book, and it is my prayer that it will not only help people remember some of the spiritual experiences that they have had - but also touch the lives of those who have yet to recognize the cognizant source which CONTINUALLY bears witness in one's life if only one has the "ears to hear." Carol Elaine Deys PARA-DEYS ACRES


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