two thousand twenty
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THROUGH THE TEARS, STILL SMILING............ Like the major troopers that they are - and names and faces have changed throughout the years, but still the same fortitude and distinguished honor walks before the Macedon Village Fire Department. Today they prepared a delicious breakfast for the Community. Today they gave this breakfast away - for free, from the hearts of all who have so diligently worked for the good of the Community for over one hundred years. Today we gathered with those who truly understand what a valued component this Village Fire Department has been to the Town and Village of Macedon. Today our hearts are grieving knowing of the deviant ways they were taken down, and today we - as a family - salute their major efforts to make a difference in our community as a whole .Today we watched the families come and go, all enjoying the hospitality of gallant men and women who had diligently served from the heart of their very beings. Beautiful twin boys in their stroller, and their ever/caring brother were there to bring smiles to the tear/filled eyes of many. We thank them for that! May God continue to bless the major efforts of those who truly cared. From the depth of our hearts, our family says "thank you" - May the future hold new blessings for each and every person who walked in the boots of a fireman, and the supporting hands and hearts of the Auxiliary expansively being there wherever there was a need. We salute you with honor, treasured friends. Carol Elaine Deys PARA-DEYS ACRES


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