two thousand twenty
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PROMISES MADE This is a time of immense change in the world where we must bear witness to a place worth celebrating. The Village of Macedon is one of those places, and yet the free-standing area is about to be dissolved. Although we know of many who have chosen to do this, there are still some who have doubted the validity of all that is now being presented to us. At this time in space, we must continue to consider the possibilities of keeping our Village as a self-controlled entity. In one way or another we must measure the worth of not only all that has gone before us, but also the value of all that is currently being promised which may never occur. The blessings of a united group of volunteers, both paid and unpaid have developed a powerful group called Macedon Village Pride. Although we have mastered the need to "cry over spilt milk" some of us are still determined to in some way continue to make a difference. In all reality there are those who continue to bully their way through to manifest their chosen way, and yet there are some who have enlisted the help of angels unaware to make a difference here. Many of these "volunteers" continue to come forth - adding idea after idea towards the potential of this enriched area of Macedon proper. Some have given of their personal lives to continue this promise - some have stood quietly in the background, holding others to the command of something worth saving. As we come into this new way to view the old, it is our intent to be a part of all that has gone before us. Although not actual members of the Village proper, we are a part of its genuine welfare and do care deeply that many of those promises made will be diligently kept. It is the historical aspect which now comes into view, and the heritage of those who have continued to live in harmony with their neighbors. It is this harmonic convergence which has brought peace to this little place on the map - this little Village, where peace can continue to triumph. Gathering as peoples of hope, we can manage to master our need to self-divide, and courageously start to define a place where businesses shall be attracted, and the formation of a place of blessed peace where the ultimate goal will be to encourage the community it already is. We have been blessed by so many things in this little place of continued wealth. We have watched the people come and go as they discern the welfare of their own chosen ways, and we have determined to express openly the power of a united source where many will come to celebrate the value of all that has gone before us. As a Village of Hope, we now define potential. As a community of considerable wealth we are blessed beyond measure when it comes to a place where freedom remains as our chosen word. We are guaranteed nothing. We are determined to examine these principles that now come before us, and measure by measure we shall demonstrate our ability to make a difference here .Unfortunately all of the changes must be measured by the monies involved. Fortunately,there are some of the volunteers whose "ideas" may go far beyond these principles as they begin to understand what truly is at stake here. "Consider the lilies of the field - they toil not, neither do they spin and yet Solomon in all his glory was not as blessed as one of these." We have an essence of partnership which currently envelopes this Village of Hope. We have many who will determine its future. May God bless this newly uniting purpose as it "bends the rules of Light" just enough to treasure what we already have, but also the principles involved where MANY will stand up to challenge the impropriety of all that has happened, and many shall come forth with their personal votes to truly define the reality of their common needs. Personally we have treasured the fact that - although not living in this place, we have made considerable friends here, and the value is beyond compare. Merry Christmas to all who shall benefit from whatever choices are made. As we walk down the road of 2016, may we continue to bear full diligence in everything we say and do here - and may the choices being made continue to reflect the voices of those who will bear the burden of the final outcome. There is still time to evaluate this potential. Currently we are promised "pie in the sky" - - It makes one wonder, doesn't it? Carol Elaine Deys PARA-DEYS ACRES


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