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Week-long Global Mural Expo Begins 9/19 in Fairport: International and Local Artists Each Paint a Mural Under Tent at Woodcliff FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 9/13/16 – FAIRPORT, NY Beginning Monday, 9/19, visitors of all ages are invited to attend the week-long Erie Canal Heritage Mural Expo under the tent at Woodcliff Hotel & Spa in Fairport, NY. The mural Expo event is part of the 10th Global Mural Conference. The Global Mural Conference (GMC) and mural Expo are both being held at Woodcliff Hotel & Spa. The GMC is an event hosted every other year in cities around the world, and originated from the Global Mural Arts and Tourism Association 20 years ago. The Mural Expo features several local and international artists who will each be painting a large (over 100 square foot) mural, of their own design, under the outdoor tent on the grounds at Woodcliff over a span of six days. During the Expo, the public is invited to come watch the artists in action, as they paint from Monday 9/19 through Friday 9/23, from 9am-6pm each day. Visitors will be able to watch the mural painting process unfold over the course of just a few days. There will also be vendors and family activities at the Expo on Friday, 9/23. The Expo event is FREE and open to all. It is a unique multicultural and educational interactive art experience! The Expo is a non-profit event, made possible by a committee of volunteers and generous donations of materials by companies such as Golden Artist Colors for the paint, and Atlantic Paper for the Evolon. Donations were collected from the community, by businesses, organizations, and private donors. The artists, some of whom have traveled great distances to participate, originate from countries such as Argentina (Fernanda Gonzalez Latrecchiana), China (Qian Ye), Australia (Damien Mitchell), Cananda (Charlie Johnston and Brian Romagnoli), and some are US-based (Dawn Jordan, Erica Swensen, Peter Jameson and John Pugh). Also participating are two local student groups, one from MCC and another from Cobblestone Arts Center. Students from Lake Shore High School in Angora, NY completed a mural over the winter, which will be on display for the duration of the event. Students of all ages who visit the Expo will be able to paint a mural mosaic tile to add to the “My Gal Sal” mural mosaic, which will be mounted in the tent. Once completed, it is expected that this mural will be traveling to museums all over New York State to be displayed, and enjoyed by all. Visit the www.gmc2016.com to purchase your ticket to the after-party which will be held at Woodcliff on Saturday the 24th, after the artists’ work is complete. Also, if you love murals, please consider registering for the GMC Conference at www.gmc2016.com. The Conference features a bus tour, meals, and presentations. Volunteers are needed each day to assist the artists at the Mural Expo. If you’re interested in helping, please contact Amy Colburn at amy@amycolburn.com. For more info on the Conference, and to register, please visit www.gmc2016com. Photo caption: Fernanda Gonzalez Latrecchiana, from Argentina, begins a mural she will be completing at the global mural Expo at the tent at Woodcliff from 9/18 – 9/23. Contact: Amy Colburn (585) 261-7874 amy@amycolburn.com www.amycolburn.com


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