two thousand twenty
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Nature is all around us. Sometimes abused, occasionally taken for granted, yet essential for life. Walking through a park, strolling along the shore, a scenic hike- there are many ways to appreciate the natural world. But in many cases, nature is inaccessible, due to sickness or disability. The Trail of Hope in Lyons, New York has a goal to provide the experience of nature to everyone. Inspirational, handmade, wheelchair accessible- this trail serves as not only a way to enjoy nature, but a way to find hope and peace. Projects, done primarily by teens on Group Mission Trip's week of hope, adorn the trail with inspirational quotes, memorials, and ways to make nature more accessible. The most recent of these projects is The Ribbon of Hope. This awareness ribbon formed by painted rocks, represent the colors that symbolize disease and illness awareness. The Trail of Hope invites all to come and place a rock for a personal affliction or for someone you know who lives with a disability or illness. All people are welcome to join in and promote awareness on a trail that is not just beautiful, but also accessible

.(written by Olivia Hartmann and Julia Peterson)


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