two thousand twenty
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The count-down to the 150th Anniversary of Theater at Gates Hall in Pultneyville, NY has begun!  Part of the celebration will be the staging of "Burned Over", a play about the religious fervor of the first half of the 1800's. 
You can further expand your understanding of "Burned Over" by attending a presentation by history scholar Gerry Muhl at 7:00 PM in Gates Hall, Pultneyville, NY on August 16th.

For some time Mr. Muhl has been researching the Burned Over District and, in particular, the Millerites.  Attend his presentation and leave with a better understanding of the phenomenon called "Burned Over District". 

Mr. Muhl is a graduate of Syracuse University and worked at the Rochester Museum prior to beginning his teaching career in Greece, NY in 1976.  He also served as the social studies department chair during this time. In 1991, Mr. Muhl was named the Social Studies teacher of the year for Monroe County.  In addition, he wrote content for  NYS Regents Exams for several years.


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