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SUBMITTED by Larry Ann Evans, Museum of Wayne County History Executive Director (18-June-2009)

Museum cards and cookbooks are flying off the shelves!

The two latest endeavors of the Museum of Wayne County History, the Historical Pack of Wayne County Playing cards and the cookbook, “Behind Bars: Recipes from the Old Jail” are both fantastic gifts for any occasion.

The Wayne County Deck of Historical playing cards takes on the look of years gone by. Covering a span of over a hundred years, each card face highlights a photo ranging anywhere from the late 1800’s to more recent history. From historical buildings and events to historical figures and other photos that bring out the unique history of each of the 15 towns of Wayne County, NY.

The cookbook has has 176 recipes from volunteers, board members, former directors and even some recipes from those who lived at the 21 Butternut Street house when it was the Wayne County Jail! The book cover has a picture of the north side cell block in full color. “Behind Bars: Recipes from the Old Jail” also has easy to read print and full color dividers depicting other interesting museum exhibition spaces and artifacts.

The cards & cookbooks can be purchased at the Museum of Wayne County History at 21 Butternut Street and each sells for only $12 plus tax and in Lyons at Dobbins Drugs at 52-58 William Street; or shop at the Museum Store online at www.waynehistory.org.

For more information about the Museum of Wayne County History and it’s activities call 315 946 4943 or look at the website www.waynehistory.org. The museum is located at 21 Butternut Street in Lyons NY.


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1 Comment to "Wayne County Playing Cards and Wayne County Jail Cookbook"

  1. Seth C. Burgess Said,

    I have finally opened the plastic wrapper on my own set of Wayne County Souvenir Playing Cards which I received as a Christmas gift.

    These cards are really great! Beautiful historical images on the face of the cards, durable quality for actual use if you choose to round up some of your family and friends, and best of all we can catch a glimpse of the History-makers of Wayne County and the towns and villages in which they lived.

    Posted on Fri Jun 19, 01:42:00 PM EDT


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