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SUBMITTED by Christine Worth, Wayne County Tourism (24-Sep-2010)

The 13th annual Wayne County Apple Tasting Tour runs from October 1–31, 2010. Travel our scenic country roads, ablaze in autumn glory from market to market. Take this opportunity to explore the essence of the apple. Apple taste testing is one way to learn the differences in apples including taste, texture and scent. Shop for gift items and crafts and participate in the door prize drawings. Each stop is unique, as is the taste and texture of apples. Discover the flavors, colors, and sizes…apples are as individual as we are!

Don’t miss the “Apple Tasting Tour Challenge”. This is a fun way to visit all of the markets. The tour is raffling off 4 Gift Baskets valued from $50 to $175 based on visits to the participating businesses. All you have to do is get your Apple Tasting Tour Challenge form “stamped” at each of your stops! Forms are available at the tour locations or by calling Wayne County Tourism at 800-527-6510.

As part of the tour a special “tasting weekend” is scheduled for Oct. 8-11, 2010. This weekend is filled with a variety of food samples and activities along the tour.

The 14 Apple Tasting Tour participating businesses are:
  • Apple Shed, 3391 Maple Ridge Road, Newark
  • Burnaps Farm Market & Garden Café, 7277 Maple Avenue, Sodus
  • Cracker Box Palace at Alasa Farms, 6450 Shaker Road, Alton
  • Grandview Farm, 1040 Canandaigua Road, Macedon
  • Heluva Good Cheese Country Store, 6152 Barclay Road, Sodus
  • Lagoner’s Farm Market, 6895 Lake Avenue, Williamson
  • Long Acre Farms, 1342 Eddy Road, Macedon
  • Mason Farms and Farm Market, 3135 Ridge Road West, Williamson
  • Morgan’s Farm Market, 3843 Cory Corners Road, Marion
  • Orbaker’s Fruit Farm Inc, 3451 Lake Road, Williamson
  • Orchard View Country Market, 10006 Ridge Road, North Rose
  • The Stand & The Kitchen at Mills Fruit Farm, 10979 Ridge Road, Wolcott
  • Thorpe Vineyard, 10006 Ridge Road, North Rose
  • Young Sommer Winery, 4287 Jersey Road, Williamson
For more information on the 13th Annual Apple Tasting Tour call the Wayne County Office of Tourism at 800-527-6510 or visit our website at www.waynecountytourism.com.


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