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Mural on the Sodus Point Fire Hall
SUBMITTED by Bruce Farrington (9-Sep-2010)

On a cold and wet morning, the first outside historic mural, spearheaded by the Neighborhood Association of Sodus Point, was placed into its final position on the west side of the Sodus Point Fire Hall. A wood frame was first attached to the fire hall wall and then the mural was carefully mounted to the frame. Once the preservative is applied, the mural is expected to last 35 years.

The dedication ceremony for this mural is set for Sept. 18th at 1 PM. The public is cordially invited to attend. By bringing history alive thru art, the murals will tell the story of Sodus Point and our area for the next two generations.

Painting of the next mural by James Zeger, depicting the Battle of Sodus Point during the War of 1812, is now underway and should be completed late this fall. The dedication ceremony for that mural will be in the spring. A special thanks to Village employees, Henry Martin and Angus Hopkins (from left to right in the photo), who did an excellent job of putting the mural up.


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