two thousand twenty
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By John Addyman

   LYONS – Maybe it was because the last day of summer was so nice.
   Perhaps it was the fact that just a handful of spectators showed up.
   Or that Walworth Supervisor Bob Plant and Macedon Supervisor Bill Hammond weren’t there.
   It might have been Chairman Jim Hoffman’s laryngitis.
   Whatever the reason, the Wayne County Board of Supervisors sailed affably through a half-hour meeting tonight, ticking off 55 resolutions in the process.

   Before the resolution-passing began, the board noted the resignation of Jamie Young, the director of Veterans’ Services, who has moved to the south. The supervisors have also received two letters seeking action about Sodus Bay algae and one asking for a referendum on recycling.
   The board has two special meetings yet to occur in September, both featuring Wayne County getting out of businesses – the Certified Home Health Aid business is on the docket this Thursday night at 7 p.m., and the board will be ready, perhaps, to vote on its recycling business next Tuesday night at 9 a.m.
   In the business items, the board approved:
   Tube Set – buying an $8,745 flotation tube for the Zodiac patrol watercraft that needs the tube to stay afloat.
   Bids for Landing – advertising for bids to replace the landing at 77 Water St. in Lyons (the Social Services building)
   Bids for Former Nursing Home Project – a contract with SWBR architects, the firm directing the renovation of the building, to add $6,800 in services to design a buildout of staff restrooms and additional security measures. Supervisor Dave Spickerman (Butler) was the lone vote against this.
   Bridge over Salmon Creek – an agreement with state to pay for design services for a bridge on Arcadia-Zurich Road that is being replaced. The project is 80 percent federally funded. The $247,000 spent is for non-federal funds to get the project started.
   Support for Nuclear Power – a resolution supporting further development of nuclear power plants in the county, based on experience with Constellation Energy, owners of the Ginna Power plant. Some $36 billion in federal funds is available for nuclear power expansion projects.
   Voting Machines – the sale of old lever-style voting machines to anyone who wants them. They can be used for school or municipal elections or sold for scrap.
   Programs for Caregivers – a contract with the Advocacy Center of Rochester to provide workshops for caregivers of children with special healthcare needs.
   Flu, Pneumonia Vaccine – pricing for flu ($36) and pneumonia ($65) shots at county vaccination clinics.
   Temp Nursing Assistants – the hiring of three part-time CNAs to help absorb the load at the county nursing home, where 12 CNAs are out on disability or workers’ comp.
   Hotchiss Restoration Contractor –the selection of Watchdog Building Partners as the construction manager for the renovation of the historic Hotchkiss Building in Lyons. Watchdog is the construction manager for the former nursing home renovation. 


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  1. Seth C. Burgess Said,

    Progress on the Hotchkiss Building will continue to be an item of interest for the local community as it moves forward. Remember the cool historical play that was performed when Senator Gillibrand visited the Hotchkiss Building?

    Read more about Watchdog Building Partners on their website:


    Posted on Wed Sep 22, 09:23:00 AM EDT

  2. Gil Burgess Said,

    All I have to say is: "Nice reporting!"

    Posted on Wed Sep 22, 10:38:00 AM EDT

  3. Anonymous Said,

    All I have to say is: "Nice bias" in your snide remarks about Supervisors Plant and Hammond

    Posted on Wed Sep 22, 06:00:00 PM EDT

  4. Anonymous Said,

    It would have been a longer meeting, but there was no "Cake Break" this month.

    Posted on Wed Sep 22, 11:40:00 PM EDT

  5. Anonymous Said,

    Maybe we should nuke the supervisors!!!

    Posted on Thu Sep 23, 10:20:00 PM EDT

  6. Anonymous Said,

    the nuke comment probable came from someone that voted for Bush twice. Complicated though processes going on. I know Palin for president.

    Posted on Thu Sep 23, 10:27:00 PM EDT

  7. Tax Hacker Jon Said,

    I never even connected the dots, there was no Plant, no Hammond, and NO HOLDRAKER at this meeting. Very odd. They were having a love-in somewhere else...

    I must agree about the cake break! That blew me away when they recessed the one board meeting for a 45 minute cake break!

    Posted on Tue Sep 28, 03:46:00 PM EDT


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