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SUBMITTED by George Frantz, Town of Huron Planning Board (9-Nov-2011)

On Tuesday November 1 George R. Frantz & Associates of Ithaca, the planning consultant hired to assist the Town of Huron Planning Board prepare a new master plan, presented its draft plan to the Town of Huron Planning Board. The Planning Board will discuss the document at a meeting Monday November 14 and decide whether or not to forward it to the Town Board for review and adoption.

Proposed future land use map that is in the draft master plan for the Town of Huron

According to George Frantz, who has been working with the Planning Board on the Master Plan since 2010, the document is an important planning and economic development tool. It will provide a framework to better manage future growth and development, protect the unique scenic and recreational assets that draw the many summer visitors to Huron, and identify and exploit opportunities for economic development and guide future investments in public infrastructure.

Key recommendations include policies and actions to preserve the Town's community character and its scenic and environmental resources; build on the strengths of the Town's agricultural and tourism industries; address nutrient loading in the waters of the Town; and diversity its economy. Other areas addressed in the draft document are housing, and recreational opportunities for Huron residents.

Copies of the draft master plan are available for review at the Town Hall, Lummisville Road, and on the Town of Huron website at: http://www.townofhuron.org

For more information on the upcoming meeting or about the new master plan contact George Frantz at (607) 227-4652 or by e-mail at geoplan57@gmail.com.


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