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Submitted by:  Wayne County Council for the Arts

Wayne County Council for the Arts is pleased to welcome Elaine Verstraete with her exhibit entitled “ILLUSTRATIONS”.

Row Boat
Elaine Verstraete has been working as an illustrator and artist in the Rochester, New York area since 1988 as both fine artist and illustrator and educator.

“I am an emotional artist reacting to what I see.  I am captivated by the fleeting moment. I attempt to capture the brief gesture of a figure, the momentary lift of an eyebrow or the kinetic complexion of a passing cloud. Using gestural line or painterly detail, my objective is to define the ephemeral and my love for the subject and to take the viewer into an instant of timelessness. “

As fine artist, Elaine’s new body of work called, “Figures in line”, features a series of figure drawings done with ink on paper. This work resides in the context of simple line. Without getting lost in the confines of detailed realism, this work incorporates years of realistic observation but dilutes the reaction on the paper to the mere essence of the form. An emotional, discerning line that feels the form like a droplet of water pulled through the contours by gravity, finding the most sensitive, nuanced path while possessing an inquiring range of ambiguity.

As Illustrator: Elaine’s work ranges from representational to an expressive and musical Parisian style. She has built a reputation as a fine watercolorist. Her paintings have been published in many venues including art festival posters like those for Rochester’s 2011 Highland Park Lilac Festival, Corn Hill Festival, 2012 Gardenscape and the Naples Grape Festival.

Elaine has illustrated a dozen children’s books including her most recent, “Star of Christmas”, a full size picture book published by Winterlake Press, that earned a Parent’s Choice award. She has also illustrated a series of “On My Own” biographies for Lerner Publishing that are filled with detailed figurative watercolors and colorful portraits for the covers. “Shipwreck Search” is part of the “On My Own Science” series and tells the story of the deep-sea discovery and the raising of a Civil War submarine. Many Ways to be a Soldier tells the story of a young boy during the revolutionary war. Other Children’s publications include Cricket Magazine and Children’s Television Workshop’s “Creative Classroom” Magazine.


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