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Story & Photos by:  ROBERT STOPPER, LYONS

During the 2012 boating season, 272 boats, 20 from Canada, officially “signed in” and docked at least one evening in Lyons on the Erie Canal. Passengers on the watercraft represented 30 states and 206 communities from various parts of the world. The 272 boats represented an increase of 64 boats from the 2011 boating season.   

Boaters are friendly people and love to tell their story. For example: International videographers Ian and Nagaire Caroline from New Zealand aboard the NAN. The Nan was used by  Paul Newman and Sally Fields in the movie, “The Absence of Malice”; Bucktail Wayne, the famous Mississippi angler and jig maker aboard Unchained; Ken Gould from Queensland, Australia, attempting his first Great Loop experience aboard Aweigh Too Far ;  Captain Tom  and  his wife Arlene  aboard the Hemlock, a Mid-Lakes Navigation hire boat. Tom is President of the Cape Cod and Island Tourist Association; Benno and Marlene Klopfer, originally from Germany, navigating the Erie Canal utilizing only solar power aboard Diesel Duck 41, a 41 foot aluminum power assisted Trawler Yacht.

Several boating guests were returning from long days at sea: Captain Dale Broom and family, aboard the sailboat Dilly Dally was returning home to Duluth, MN from an extensive trip in the Caribbean. This was his second stop in Lyons.  He docked next to Silvia and Dirk Lison who had arrived aboard s/v Lison Life. Silvia and Dirk proudly shared a world globe and traced their voyage …. They were returning to Sarnia, ON….  They were completing a 24 month sail around the world!   
 s/v Lison Life docked on Erie Canal bank

Other   guests included: Captain Ben, on R & R from Afghanistan, accompanied by his dog Blue. Captain Ben was literally rowing his sailboat Junkyard Dog down the Erie Canal! Another interesting guest was Alaskan adventurer Peter MacKay from Juno, Alaska. Peter had kayaked the entire length of the Erie Canal in 2010. During that trip, he had spent an evening on the canal bank in Lyons. Now Peter was biking the Northern Tier Bike Route from Anacortes, Washington to Bar Harbor, Maine. Peter had arrived in Lyons on his bike by following the NYS Erie Canal Bike Trail.

Then there was world famous bike, hike, kayak, and canoe adventurer Bill Nedderman from Lovila, Iowa. Bill was attempting to canoe the 6000 mile Great Loop in his 20 year old home- made bark strip canoe, the “Helen Lucille” (named after me Mum!). Bill’s adventure credentials are simply amazing: 63,000 miles by bike, 34,000 miles hiking, and 32,000 miles by canoe and kayak. Like several kayakers and bikers during the 2012 season, Bill spent the evening on the canal bank under the stars in front of the Peppermint Garden!  

Boaters arrive for Lyons Peppermint Days
The greatest number of overnight dockings on the Erie Canal in Lyons occurred during the annual Peppermint Days Festival in July. Fourteen (14) boats lined the north side or terminal wall. Passengers on those boats will always have a “thundering and loud story” to tell about their stay in Lyons…. Along with other boats anchored in the canal waters, they were just a few feet away from the famous Lyons Peppermint Days Festival Fireworks known as Thunder on the Eriel!

On behalf of Lyons, NY and all the towns and villages along the Erie Canal: “Thank you boaters for visiting us during the 2012 boating season. Welcome to the 2013 season! It begins May 1….  Hope to see you soon!”  


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5 Comments to " Impressive Numbers & Awesome Guests Visit Lyons on the Erie Canal"

  1. peachy Said,


    Posted on Wed Apr 17, 05:28:00 AM EDT

  2. Videomark Said,

    A visitor coming to see history spends 30% more than a person just passing through. Tourism is the key to the villages and communities that live along the Erie Canal.

    Posted on Wed Apr 17, 07:47:00 AM EDT

  3. sdobbins Said,

    we appreciate all you do for these guests

    Posted on Wed Apr 17, 08:24:00 AM EDT

  4. Gil Burgess Said,

    Very interesting report! Everyone should pay attention to Mark's comment. I read recently how huge tourism is worldwide. Something like 1 person in 15 is employed because of it!

    Posted on Wed Apr 17, 10:30:00 AM EDT

  5. Lison Life Said,

    While some boaters do rush through the Canal, heading North or South, for others the Canal is THE destination. On our way back to the Great Lakes we had to extend our 10day pass because we enjoyed it so much. And yes, we do leave money in the villages.

    Dirk Lison s/v Lison Life

    Posted on Fri May 03, 01:07:00 PM EDT


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