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SUBMITTED by Carol Elaine Deys, Para-Deys Acres' Serenity Chapel (2-May-2013)


Today I just watched and waited while the flowers grew. Try as I might, my knee would not confine itself to the necessary bending and climbing required to plant more. So I rested and waited for the sunshine and greenness to envelop our gardens.

The new bamboo pipes were flowing gently to my right, and another pond just over yonder bequeathed us with fat little tadpoles just waiting to melodically "croak" for another day. Night sounds, day sounds--all a part of our Para-Deys Gardens.

Today I just watched and waited for the rising daffodils to shine, planted diligently at other times in our lives. I saw the budding tulips, and windflowers coming up where I never put them before. A whole flock of green iris leaves have taken over the Hummingbird Haven garden path. I guess we shall just have to clear a new one.

Hawks fly over! Geese have already honked by several times, and the wild onions are growing rampant in our Violet's Way. Colorful birds building nests all over the place, chirping and beckoning to one another to come and create more birdies!

Have checked the rose bushes, and all but one seems naturally green with new growth sprouting. Lovely, lovely, lovely for days of fragrance to come. I have read that the Heirlooms are much more fragrant. Will have to go down that path another day--but today I just watched and waited and listened.

Spring blossoms
Young groundhog cheerfully munched the green grass over by son's barn, and I wondered if he was completely oblivious to the things around him. He looked very young and inexperienced to me. I know there are kitties who live with him under the barn, just waiting to catch a juicy mouse--as for me, today I am watching and waiting and listening 'til healing takes place. Not an easy thing to do when spring surrounds. But do you know what? Those little grape hyacinth are all over--wild snow flowers growing in clumps of white, periwinkle blue from son John Andrew's grave have gone crazy all around the Three Sister trees. He would have liked that. My Johnny. Our fourteen year old son who chose to leave us much too soon. Our garden of peace. A reflection of the myriad years we have lived here--almost forty--and the gardens which have grown like Topsy all around us. Chartreuse blossomed maple trees, pink weeping cherry. Lilacs of all shades and hues--first time ever, a yellow one is starting to sprout blossoms. Purple Butterfly bushes, yellow forsythia and we have one strawberry turning red. White Cleveland Pear right in the middle of the front lawn by our Para-Deys Island. When Fall comes, it will give us joy with the beautiful reflective changing shades of red and gold and green. Husband just walked in with a handful of green asparagus. Oh, yum--sprinkled with olive oil, seasonings and placed gently on the grill for dinner. Perhaps a steak and baked potatoes are in store!

Picnic spaces, wisteria bushes, five fountains and four ponds. What more could we ask? Yes, Spring has finally come to our Para-Deys, and Serenity Chapel speaks eloquently in the center of all phases of it. Growing in the Light of Christ, we determine to share our lives with others--we extend the principles we know and honor as viable in today's world, and we are greatly blessed with friends who share their gardens, loving thoughts and concerns with us.

In the beginning it is said that God made a Garden of Eden. It just might be that it is all around us. Today I just watched and waited, gaining insight on the value of the Common Quiet. Speaking eloquently for me its amazing sights and sounds of grace and determined ways, encouraging all within sight of its prolific self--its impassioned way. Along with nature, we all grow steadily in the peaceful and harmonic way.



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1 Comment to "HOMESPUN - Chapter Nineteen"

  1. Videomark Said,

    Carol Elaine Deys, Thanks for bringing the scents, the sights, and smells of spring alive. I am reminded every May of the words to a James Taylor song. "Slipping away, what can I say, won't you stay inside me, month of May? And hold on to me golden days, slipping away." Yes these are the golden days to cherish and embrace, when the leaves are gold green on the trees and the trillium bloom beneath our knees.

    Posted on Thu May 09, 08:02:00 AM EDT


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