two thousand twenty
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SUBMITTED by Carol Elaine Deys, Para-Deys Acres' Serenity Chapel (22-May-2013)


Photo: Richard W. Deys Sr.
I am told that the world is divided into tens in so many ways, and as I look at the number of this chapter I am not surprised. A few days ago I went shopping at Goldy's Goodies in Palmyra. After the fire, the owner, Joanne was one of the first to reclaim her position there with a store of most interesting decree. So many lovely things are reappearing, and it was a blessing to share with the crew that was on-board as they reconfigured the work to be done in the new store almost across the street from the burned out one. Four buildings were gutted through the sadness of a huge fire a few weeks back, and it is my understanding that the entire community came forth to be of service to all of them. This speaks well for our common neighborhoods.

A little peacock bracelet caught my eye--and I bought it on the spot. The more I looked at it, the more a story started to form coming from somewhere out of my own regenerative spirit. The story was very real to me, so I do think that I shall share it with you today.

At first I saw an Asian courtyard, with a swimming pool in the middle. There were mosaic tiles along the walls, and repeated again on the floor. Standing in all her feathered rainbow glory was a peacock named Tansy. I knew her name, for somehow somewhere she had called me from the depth of my own spiritual journey. I knew that I had loved her very much at some point in time, and I saw myself as a little girl--about ten with a long gold chain attached to Tansy's collar. Every time I came out the glass doors, she would call to me and we would walk--single file--all around the pool. When I left to go inside, she would holler "Help" as all peacocks seem to do. It was hard for me to keep her quiet, because I knew that she also loved me and wanted me near her all of the time. Of course, there were times when this was impossible.

There was a young man who came in and out of the picture. I am assuming that he was my brother who liked to tease both me and my Tansy peacock. He would flap his arms like wings just to see if she would raise her feathers for a beautiful show. Of course, she always did--and after awhile it became a game for both of them. All of this commotion called forth the nurse, and our afternoons were spent in sunshine and just plain fun.

I have seen this place somewhere in my dreams, and everywhere I look lately the peacocks have been showing up to remind me that some place, somewhere love was apparent in my life. Today I have the same, and am blessed to know that in spite of all news stories to the contrary, it still exists in full form. For love is now, and forever more the strongest, extensive energy there is; if anyone has ever told you any different, don't believe them.

My husband just came in, telling me that he has planted a garden of mesclun, leafy lettuces, spinach, tomato plants, peppers, cucumbers, zucchini, and summer squash. If that isn't love in action, I don't know what is. We will enjoy his efforts of planting all of that in the hot sun all summer and beyond.

The rising of the Phoenix (and / or peacock) out of the ashes of Palmyra's fire is just one of the Heralds of Angelic Claim who occasionally reach out and help when the need is so desperately apparent.

Every once in awhile something very beautiful shows up to remind me that love IS forever, and that its imprint remains delicately inscribed upon the soul of the believers. Accounting for nothing but the need that we have for this love, I am thankful that it still exists in many forms despite any rumors to the contrary. Have you heard its voice?



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